Infrastructure-Facilities in the LIbrary

Viewing Rooms: There are three viewing rooms available for viewing DVD, LD, VHS and videos.

Photocopying: Colour, and black & white photocopying and printing facilities are available on chargeable basis. But only up to 50% of any library document has been allowed to do photocopy.

Computer Access: Computers are available for Internet searching, email and project works in the library. Personal laptops may be used in the library, and are able to access the internet through WiFi.

Scanning: Colour and black & white scanners are available in the library.

Printing: Colour and black & white printings are available in the library.

Services- traditional - issue, return, reissue, reservation, OPAC, Inter library loan, research services

New Arrival Notice / Shelve: Each week recently acquired books; DVD and CD are displayed within the library. After 7 days, the items are removed from the display and available for collection at the library desk. WWI Information Services provide information, advice and research to a wide range of users nationally and internationally - from production companies, broadcasters and the wider cultural industries - to students and members of the public. Our services utilise the unique expertise, collections and data of the WWI Library information since 2006, we are here to provide professional, experienced and authoritative guidance on all aspects of film and television. Electronics - Internet, e-journals, e-database, movie streaming, digital signage, Special - TV content management, scheduling, programming, and broadcasting.