The following persons are allowed to use the library

  • All registered students of the Institute.
  • All faculty members, administrative, technical and other staff.
  • All Guest being referred by competent authority.

All persons registered to use the library are required to abide by the regulations of the Library.
The Library & Information Officer may suspend any individual from the use of the library if he/she found breaking the Library Regulations.


0930 to 2030 (Monday to Friday)
0930 to 1530 (Saturday)
Sunday and Public Holiday Closed

The members have the privilege of direct access to shelves in the stack area. It is important that the arrangement of books be maintained on the shelves for the convenience of members themselves.


Members are required to display their ID/staff/membership card throughout their stay in the library.

  • Order and silence shall be maintained in the Library at all times. Be concerned about your fellow students and maintain silence.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking or sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  • Briefcases, bags, overcoats, umbrellas and other personal belongings shall be kept at the baggage area.
  • The marking defacing or mutilation of any Library material including audio visual material is strictly prohibited.
  • Any materials such as ink bottles, paints that may accidentally damage Library property will not be brought into the library.
  • All readers leaving the library in possession of books and papers must show them to a member of the library staff at the exit point.
  • Reshelving of materials used within the library is prohibited. Materials should be left on the tables or unshelved books shelves.
  • Please put your cell phone in vibrate mode and try not to attend calls inside the library.
  • A warning chime/siren will be aired ten minutes before closing time. All members must leave the Library immediately after.
  • The Library staff on duty has the authority to ask any member, who causes disturbance in the Library, to leave.


The Library membership is open to all students, faculty and staff of the Institute. Users are permitted to borrow books as per the rule.

  • Members are responsible for the prompt return in good condition of all materials borrowed.
  • Membership cards are not transferable. Any misuse of membership will be the responsibility of the member to whom it was issued.
  • Members who are no longer wish to continue membership in the library are requested to inform the Library & Information Officer for cancellation.
  • At the end of every academic session students will have to obtain a 'no dues' certificate from the Library & Information Officer and surrender his/her library membership card etc.

Transaction Limit

CategoryNo. of ItemsNo. of Days
Students (Sem- I & II)020703
Students (Sem- III & IV)040703
Head of Department151507
Dean / President / CMDOPEN1507


  • All library materials may be borrowed with the exception of reference works/materials, current issues of periodicals, press cuttings, reports, dissertations, materials on display, LD, Tapes and Film Strips/Reels.
  • Reference materials may be issued for Three days only under special circumstances with the authorization/permission of Dean / HOD
  • Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another.
  • The loaned books may however, be re-issued on or before the due date for twice.
  • Borrowers are held personally responsible for the custody of any material on loan to them.
  • Borrowers shall also be liable to pay compensation as may be fixed by the Library & Information Officer for any damage or loss of items while on loan to them.
  • In case of lost or damage to any item by borrower, has to be replace the same or latest edition of the items or have to pay double cost of the item.
  • Borrowers shall responsible to check all the items at the time of issue on circulation desk, failing to which library is not responsible for any damages to issued items.
  • The Library & Information Officer is empowered to decline to issue any particular item or items to ensure their availability.
  • No additional books will be loaned to members with overdue books until such materials have been returned. A reminder notices will be sent when a book is overdue. Fine will be charged per day, per book after the due date. Repeated late return of books may result in loss of borrowing privileges.
  • The Library & Information Officer reserves the right to recall any book issued to the borrower even prior to the due date of return, if necessary. Recalled item must be returned within three days.


  • Fines of Rs. 5.00 per day per books shall be levied on any borrower in the case of overdue items.
  • Fines of Rs. 10.00 per day per audio-visual material such as DVD, VCD, video cassettes shall be levied on borrowers who delay with such items.


Maximum of three reminders will be served to library users at 7 days interval, against delay in return of library documents. After the dead line of the third reminder the library user will be automatically suspended for any transaction with the library and necessary action will be taken.


  • The Library & Information Office, is empowered to levy a fine for overdue loans in addition to recommending suspension as a result of infringing the Library Regulations or for any other misdemeanor relating to the library, including the removal, or attempted removal of material from the library without record at the issue desk.
  • Penalties according to a scale approved by the Library & Information Officer will apply on failure to return books and other materials promptly.
  • Those who have overdue items or lost material shall not be allowed to borrow.


  • Any notice will be sent to the last known address registered by the Library. Failure to receive such a notice will not invalidate any subsequent action.


  • Most library material is protected by the copyright law, which makes deliberate infringements, such as unauthorised copying a criminal offence. Permissible copying limits of less than 50% of a book shall be made for academic purposes. All users of library materials and equipment shall observe these limits, whether on library premises or elsewhere.


  • The library management has power to modify the Regulations as it may seem advisable and notice of any such modifications shall be posted on the library notice boards and at appropriate points in the library.

Why do we need to preserve our collections?

Though our collections are in many ways unique we are not immune from common problems faced by all archives and libraries. We have only one copy of our materials, in most instances, and replacement copies are difficult if not impossible to acquire. We face common problems of a collection dating mostly from the 20th century, such as brittle paper and the proliferation of paperbacks with weak binding. We occupy limited space. We act as an archive of publication, retaining permanently most of what we acquire. We have limited funds which need to be shared between acquisition and conservation. We support a popular and rapidly expanding subject field. We are committed to access for all present and future generations.

Preservation of collections: Collections are not only at risk from major events such as floods and fires. Other more gradual causes can be just as damaging and costly. It is important therefore to provide the right conditions for storage, train staff and users in correct handling procedures, and use experts to conserve items.

In principle we pledge to perform the following actions: To survey our collections periodically, using a variety of formal and informal methods, To devote part of our budget to the preservation and conservation of our collections, To develop a disaster plan, To provide the correct environment To offer guides on good practice and To take care when displaying items from our collection