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30 Film School CDDean, W Michael2003Muska & Lipman
3D Movie Making : Stereoscopic Digital Cinema From Script To Screen DVDMendiburu, Bernard2009Focal Press
3D World CD 2006Future Publishing Limited
3ds Max 9 Essentials CDAutodesk2006Focal Press
3ds Max MaxScript Essential (ll Edition) CDAutodesk2007Focal Press
A Journey Into Light With Max Killer CD 0000
A Movie Lover's Guide To Film Language : Understanding The Creative Components Of Film : Classic Scenes From Timeless Films DVDFirst Light Video2003First Light Video Publishing
A-Z Of HD (High Definition) DVDPank Bob (Ed.)0000Avid Technology Incorporation
Acoustic And Midi Orchestration For The Contemporary Composer : A Practical Guide To Writing And Sequencing For The Studio Orchestra CDPejrolo, Andrea ; Derosa, Richard2008Focal Press
Acoustics And Psychoacoustics CDHowarth, David2001Focal Press
Acting For Animators : A Complete Guide To Performance Animation CDHooks, Ed2000Heinemann
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 : Unlash The Hidden Performance DVDGaler, Mark2006Focal Press
Adobe Photoshop For Photographers : A Professional Image Editor's Guide CDEvening, Martin2008Focal Press
Advanced Maya Texturing And Lighting CDLanier, Lee2006Wiley Publishing, Inc
Advisory Board Presentation WWIL March 2006 DVD 2006
After Effects Apprentice : Real-World Skills For The Aspiring Motion Graphics Artists CDMeyer, Chris ; Trish2009Focal Press
After Effects CS4 Visual Effects And Compositing : Studio Techniques DVDChristiansen, Mark2008Adlabs Films
An Editing Exercise DVDEbert, Roger0000First Light Video Publishing
Analog Synthesizers : Understanding, Performing, Buying CDJenkins, Mark2007Focal Press
Animation : The Mechanics Of Motion CD 0000
Animation Now DVDMundi, Anima2004Taschen
Apple Pro Training : Final Cut Studio : DVD Tutorial DVDApple Computer Incorporation2007Apple Computer, Inc
ARRIcam DVD DVDFauer, Jon (Direction) ; Schlagbauer, Florian (Music)2003ARRI
Avid Editing : A Guide For Beginning And Intermediate Users DVDKauffmann, Sam2003Focal Press
Basics : Introduction To Maya Muscle DVDGeorgio, Papa2008Digital-Tutors, A Service of PL Studios
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