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3G & ITS Prospect To Rural Market [Dissertation And Project Works]Gulati, Mohit ; Chakravarti, Neil (Guide)2010
A Case Study Analysis On The Effect Of TLC's Rebranding Stratergies [Dissertation And Project Works]Helen, Vivette Kajal ; Khandhdiya, Pranjal (Guide)2012
A Comparative Study Between Fiction And Non-Fiction Show (With Special Reference To Tamil Nadu) [Dissertation And Project Works]Dr. Thomas, Sharon (Guide) ; C, Varsha2010
A Comparative Study Between Multiplexes And Single Theaters With Reference To Strategy And Revenue Models [Dissertation And Project Works]Kalyankar, Shweta ; Saksena, Ashish (Guide)2010
A Comparative Study Digital Vs Cable Viewership [Dissertation And Project Works]Igatpuriwala, Shama Abbas ; Puri, Rahul (Guide)2010
A Comparative Study Of Dance Reality Shows And Its Success Factors (A Study Of Dance India Dance Vs Jhalak Dikhla Ja) [Dissertation And Project Works]Serrao, Calvina Madonna ; Khan, Samar (Guide)2012
A Comparative Study Of The Value Chains Created Around Self-Starter And Commissioned Events [Dissertation And Project Works]Gayathiri, R ; Khandhdiya, Pranjal (Guide)2009
A Cost V/S Revenue Analysis Of The Multiplex Industry In India With Special Focus On PVR [Dissertation And Project Works]Shing, Angad ; Gupta, Ravi (Guide)2012
A Project Report On Convergence Of Distribution Platforms A Key To The Business Opportunities [Dissertation And Project Works]Solanki, Sunil Kumar ; Puri, Rahul (Guide)2009
A Project Report On The Evolution Of Digital Media In The Retail Industry [Dissertation And Project Works]Fernandes, Ericka Preciosa2013
A Project Report On Whistling Woods International [Dissertation And Project Works]Koshika ; Sajuja, Jaskirat ; Sachdev, Soniya ; Hajare, Smit ; Sridhar, Bargav ; Sharma, Saswati2013
A Qualtative Study Of The Facebook Social Network : Desire To Influence, Associate And Construct A Representative And Ideal Identity [Dissertation And Project Works]Bhuta, Grishma ; Rao, Nikhil (Guide)2013
A Reaserch On How Interactive Media Platforms Increase The Reach Of Music Channels With A Case Study On VH1 [Dissertation And Project Works]Davda, Chandni ; Menon, Ravi (Guide)2012
A Research On The Potential Of Film Merchandise In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Bung, Mahesh Kumar ; Gupta, Ravi (Guide)2011
A Research Study On Feasibility Of Interactive Cinema In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Kalyankar, Shweta ; Dhumale, Vinay (Guide)2010
A Research To Examine The Scale Of Film Marketing On Mobile With The Advent Of 3G Services In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Mahajan, Ravi ; Ghosh, Subhash R (Guide)2011
A Study About Innovative Marketing Of Small Budget Movie Through New And Interactive Media [Dissertation And Project Works]Upadhyay, Prashant ; Khan, Samar (Guide)2011
A Study About Marketing Vs. Content Analysis Of Hollywood Movies And Its Box Office Collection In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Kumar, Nomula Pavan ; Khan, Samar (Guide)2009
A Study Into The News Consumption Patterns Among Indian Young Adults [Dissertation And Project Works]Singh, Vishal ; Khan, Samar (Guide)2012
A Study Of Advertiser Funded Programmes On Television In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Potti, Praveen S ; Lee, John Jerome (Guide)2011
A Study Of Aparna Sen's Films And The Idea Of Female Gaze [Dissertation And Project Works]Singh, Naintara ; Sen, Somnath (Guide)2014
A Study Of Cas Market In Chennai : Understanding The Reasons For Failure [Dissertation And Project Works]Akshay, Rajshekar ; Khanna, Sunil (Guide)2010
A Study Of Digital Production As A Cost - Cutting Tool [Dissertation And Project Works]Babu, R Siddharth ; Gupta, Umesh (Guide)2009
A Study Of Factors Affecting The Theatrical Business Of Films In India [Dissertation And Project Works]Shastri, Rohit R ; Saksena, Ashish (Guide)2010
A Study Of Factors Determining Brands Sponsorship In Event (With Spectial Reference To Sporting Event) [Dissertation And Project Works]Chaddha Pragul ; Bharucha, Cyrus (Guide)2010